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We use state of the art computer driven technology to help save you up to 25% on your electric bill. Autobox has on board computers that see the waste and recycle the unused AMPS.  Some people do not realize the fact of electrical “noise” being harmful! Let us get rid of the noise.

When electricity comes to your home or business it may look like a 5 year old jacked up on sugar? All over the place or out of phase. The Autobox tames the electricity as it comes in past your meter getting your power as close to unity as possible. Have you ever ordered a root beer? You have paid for a full mug but the top 1/3 is foam or waste. The same happens with electric motors. The waste coming from an electric motor (foam) travels back to the grid. You have paid for it only for it to return and you get to pay for it again. The Autobox stops 99.98% of the waste from flowing back to the grid. In essence scraping the foam from your root beer giving you (in phase) root beer (power) all of the time.

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